Welcome to Dairylicious Oberhasli ~ our little slice of Appalachian heaven situated in the rolling hills of eastern Ohio. Dairylicious started in 2007, when we decided to get a "couple" of goats to help clear brush. And, if we were going to have goats, they might as well give us milk, too ~ so went the "logic" and began the search for local goats.

Erin continued to cruise the internet reading about the different breeds of goats, but that was often overtaken by the day-to-day urgencies of farm life. In mid-2009 she stumbled upon the website for the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and an article about the Oberhasli breed of goat. The beauty and refinement pictured on that webpage spoke to her and she was hooked. So in the late fall of 2009, we brought home our first Oberhasli does. A "couple of goats" had morphed into seven does and one buck, and we've grown from there.

We quickly discovered that there is  a limit to how much milk two people can drink! What to do with all that milk? Besides making cheese and yogurt (and the odd gallon of "milk paint"), we make soap. Some of the soap is scented and some is not, but it is all formulated to be skin-loving. Be sure to check out our Soap page for more info on this passion.

Our herd is based mainly on the bloodlines of Buttin' Heads, Sir Echo, Ober-Boerd and Heaven's Hollow. We have a dash of Kajon's Farm and Sparkling Acres for variety, and we maintain a small herd to allow us to focus on high quality. We choose to not show our animals but we want them to be competitive for buyers who do. We participate in Linear Appraisal and DHIR as tools to evaluate our herd members, and to help us make sound breeding decisions. We breed for animals who are functional for their entire lifespan, rather than animals who look great as teenagers but are a "flash in the pan" and burn out before they fully mature. We place equal emphasis on conformation, milk production and temperament. Besides looking good, being functional, and filling the milk pail, we want a goat that we enjoy being around! Erin finds nothing more relaxing than milking in the early morning silence, so the attitude is important.

So, sit back and relax, and enjoy your virtual tour of our goat farm! Thanks for looking!

Dairylicious Farm
"Raising beautiful Oberhasli in Ohio"

Philip and Erin Cooper & Family
70728 Vagary Lane
Freeport, OH  43973
Phone: (740) 489-5135
Fax: (740) 489-5309


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